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Bianchi Oltre RC Frameset XR 2024
  • Bianchi Oltre RC Frameset XR 2024



    The Bianchi Oltre RC Disc Aero Frameset with design features that not only ensure the bike slips unnoticed through the wind, but also work to protect the rider from the drag effect.

    Air is funnelled through the Air Deflector fairings on the head tube along the sculpted top tube and through the hole in the integrated carbon stem / handlebar to create a low-pressure area which shelters the rider.

    Cutouts in the downtube and seat tube allow the wheels to fit snuggly against the frame and offer a smoother profile to the wind whilst the dropped and flattened seatstays also present as small an area as possible to reduce resistance.

    Bianchi claims that these developments mean the Oltre RC is 45 seconds faster than its predecessor over 40km and saves 17 watts at 50kph. Despite all these advances, the frameset is impressively light and can easily be built up to challenge the 6.8kg weight limit, meaning that there won’t be a penalty to pay for all the speed when it comes to the mountains.


    Product Listed: 19/11/2023