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Bianchi Milano Osiglia Jersey

Bianchi Milano Osiglia Jersey


Bianchi Milano OSIGLIA Womens short sleeve cycling jersey black/celeste (E17-4300) designed and made in Italy in its sportive trendy design you are an eye catcher on every tour and you leave a lasting dynamic impression.


Product Listed: 01/08/2022

  • Product Info

    • material consists of the optimized, breathable
      fibres (quality of Nalini)
    • covered, continous zipper (Bianchi Milano -
      zipper) with collar protection
    • self-faced back pocket, divided into 3-parts
    • the back pocket in the middle is equipped with
      an integrated mobile phone pocket which is closed by a velcro system
    • small reflector at the central back pocket
    • elastic and inside gummed waistband
    • elegant design with optically attractive
      Bianchi - emblems
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