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Bianchi Milano Felice Gilet Black
  • Bianchi Milano Felice Gilet Black

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    Bianchi Milano sleeveless lady Gilet designed and made in Italy by Nalini using the most advanced technical material for function and fit.

    The approx. 30cm plastic Velcro is closed with a Bianchi Milano zipper.
    All Nalini products are developed and produced in Italy by MOA Sport’s internal production lines.


    The style and quality of Made in Italy, combined with the technology of materials used and the attention to detail, are our trademark. Research and development of materials: the fabrics chosen for our garments are designed and internally “field tested” for a long time before using them.


    They are state of art materials, designed to ensure the best performance and the maximum comfort. Nalini’s brand new pads have being developed to satisfy the most demanding athletes.


    High wearability is the main feature of the whole collection: all garments are designed according to their use “on the bike”. The long experience of cycling champions who wear MOA Sport products has been transferred to the design/manufacture of garments, in order to ensure easier movements and longer comfort even during extended training or most challenging competitions.


    Product Listed: 01/08/2022


    • Product Info

      This tricot consists mainly of the fine, cellular and well humidity transporting functional fibre breathable with UV - protection (Nalini quality).

      The jersey is processed in a noble and decent design.

      Only the Bianchi Milano emblem is integrated as a decorative element on the tricot front.

      On the backside of the lady jersey are 3 back pockets.

      The middle pocket is equipped with a reflective Velcro so that it can be used as a mobile phone pocket.

      The bottom ends with a wide and elastic gummed Bianchi Milano stripe.

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