Bianchi Intenso Dama 2019 womens road bike designed in Italy using the most advanced Carbon Fiber materials
The frame offers a sprung, compliant feel that makes short work of weather-scarred tarmac:its judged balance of comfort and speed ensures that it’s one of the stars of this edition of Bike of the Year. The give in the frame is totally predictable, and as soon as we adjusted to its charms we found ourselves pushing the Intenso to ever greater cornering speeds and flick-of-the-wrist rapid directional changes.
The design approach taken by Bianchi in designing the Intenso was to take well proven materials and construction techniques to deliver race-like performance allied to high levels of comfort with a relaxed riding position.
While the Intenso does boast a slightly longer head-tube than either the B4P or HoC ranges, it does not put the rider into the “sit up and twiddle” position that some other manufacturers have used in their sportive models.
Instead it relies on materials and carbon lay-up techniques to give the bike a smooth ride that irons out road clatter, while retaining a geometry that offers great handling, responsiveness and long distance endurance.


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