Bianchi Oltre XR1



Bianchi Oltre XR1 2016 designed in Italy using advanced technology is a direct descendant of the range-topping Oltre XR2. Through the application of a different blend of high modulus carbon fibres Bianchi have been able to deliver a high-end race frame that weighs just 200g more than the XR2 frame, while retaining most of its class-leading features at a lower cost - this is a stiff, aggressive and super fast race bike that is built to win!Using identical tube shapes to the Oltre XR2, the XR1's classic Bianchi racing geometry ensures maximum power transmission. Its aerodynamic carbon frame with ultra thin seat stays (UTSS Technology) provides a winning combination of lightness, rigidity and aerodynamics, delivering a precise and responsive ride.A true performance bike inspired by the Oltre XR2 model used by the Bianchi teams in the UCI World Tour.

Bianchi always prioritise comfort alongside the traditional goals of low weight, sharp handling and stiffness, due to their belief that riders who race in comfort will be fresher at the end of a long day in the saddle - and they will also enjoy the ride more!

So, while an Oltre will never be as relaxed as the C2C bikes in Bianchi's range, such as the Infinito and Intenso, it has significantly more vibration absorbtion built into it than most other premium race frames on the market - thanks in part to the use of Ultra Thin Seat Stays that offer enhanced vertical compliance over conventionally profiles stays.
At the Bianchi Store every bike is assembled or custom built by Campagnolo EPS approved technicians with over 25 years of experience we are able to advise on the best components available to build your dream bike in our in store custom facility please contact us for info.

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